Bio-Tech Pharmacal

Bio-Tech Pharmacal has been providing quality nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) for over 35 years! Its products are trusted by over 100 research affiliations (including Mayo, Emory, Cleveland Clinic, Rutgers). They introduced many innovative products including D3-50,000 IU available in a water soluble delivery form. Many different strengths of vitamin D are available, with or without important co-factors. They are a cGMP/FDA registered facility and some products are Kosher/Halal certified.

  • Bio-Tech Pharmacal has been providing quality nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) for over 32 years!
  • D3-50,000 IU, D3Plus, D3/K2, and more!
  • cGMP/FDA registered facility
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peopleistic-logo-globe-onlyPeopleistic – Gary De Rodriguez, CEO

Building people skills in leaders

Peopleistic is a global organisation committed to helping organizations, teams and individuals better execute their organisation’s strategy through increased personal and collective performance.  We are a worldwide organisation who create thriving cultures. We help organisations become more profitable, attract and retain the right talent and develop a powerful brand presence in the marketplace. We offer:

  • professional business advice to enable cultural change;
  • facilitating strategy development;
  • guiding strategic execution (project management);
  • delivering deeper leadership and team development that change’s people’s lives;
  • assess individual attitudes and team engagement to improve performance and culture;
  • offering globally-recognised qualifications and certification; and
  • ongoing in-the-workplace coaching.
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7 Principles of being a Humanistic Business

white-oak-capital-home-loansWhite Oak Capital and Home Loans

Your Boutique Home Loan and Private Money Lenders

With over 30 years of experience in the lending business, White Oak Capital Home Loan’s mission is to provide customers with an exceptional home loan experience delivered with clarity, passion, honesty and fairness.

White Oak strives to be quick to close, simple to understand and competitive in pricing.  As a “Direct Lender” White Oak provides Control in Execution with “Banker” pricing.  White Oak has an additional 32 +/- Lender Relationships that provide loan solutions for its customers with out of the box niche loan requests.

In this rapidly changing loan environment, regulations are being loosened and new loan products are being introduced to the market weekly. White Oak Capital Home Loans is on top of it, keeping their customers apprised of New Loan Guidelines that may enhance their ability to borrow.

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