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GrassrootsHealth results (2016) showed greater than 71% lower cancer risk with vitamin D levels greater than or equal to 40 ng/mL (100 nmol/L). (Read BlogView Paper)


What does it take to act?  For you?  For cancer groups?  For medical groups?


In 2017, a 71% reduction would have meant

        • 181,000 fewer breast cancer cases
        • 67,000 fewer colon cancer cases
        • 1.2 million fewer all-cancer cases

Your donation today will help to sponsor 1,000 women who definitely need to test/learn what they can do to help prevent cancer.

GrassrootsHealth is a non-profit research and public health organization specifically engaged in moving research into practice NOW! with the tools and methods we have developed — not taking 30 years after it’s been confirmed. Grant funding for nutrients, such as vitamin D, is rare. The money is not in nutrients, but drugs.